Coastal Georgia Soccer Association (CGSA)U~8 Soccer Festival

Saturday, August 19th ~ 9-11 a.m. ~ Chatham County Soccer Complex Fields 1 & 2
$5.00 Registration fee per child must accompany this form

Dear Parent:

Your child has elected to participate in the CGSA U~8 Festival. Please be advised that the CGSA, its parents, volunteers and coaches accept no liability or responsibility for injuries, loss or damages sustained by your child while participating in this program.

By execution of this consent form, you consent to your child�s participation under the terms described above and under the rules and regulations under which this program is operated.


________________ ______________________




NAME: ____________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________ZIP: ___________

DATE OF BIRTH: ___________________________________

TELEPHONE #: _____________________________________

SCHOOL: __________________________________________

Please consider this form as your registration for the festival. Mail it to CGSA at 6811 Forest Park Drive, Suite 104, 31406, drop it by the office or bring it to the registration desk on the day of the festival with your registration fee.