Welcome to CGSA Select Soccer

The CGSA Select Soccer program is committed to developing youth soccer players and helping each and every player reach his or her full potential.  CGSA offers top-level teams for those players who are committed to the game and have the ability to play at the state, regional and national level.

Every May/June CGSA holds Select Soccer team tryouts.  Any youth soccer player (Boys & Girls U11-U19) may attend a CGSA Select Soccer tryout.  There are no set teams so all players have an equal chance of making a team each year.  In CGSA Select Soccer, players are evaluated and selected for the program by a selection committee which includes the CGSA Director of Coaching.

Rosters for Fall 2003 


CGSA Fall teams 2003, U14 � U19

Dear Players Parents Coaches and Managers,

Please find listed below, our U14 through U19 teams who will be representing Coastal Georgia Soccer Association at the Select/Challenge level in the season 2003/2004.

If your name is listed on the team list, you will be expected to attend our club Orientation meeting next week.

U13, U14, U15, Tuesday July 1st
U16, U17, U19, Wednesday July 2nd
Both meetings will take place at the Marsh Auditorium, Candler Hospital starting at 6-30pm.


If your name is listed as "Invited to attend team camp", you will be given the opportunity to be further evaluated with your team and the decision on your evaluation made on Friday at team camp Aug 4th � 8th.


Please contact me at the club if you have any questions regarding the team meeting or re-evaluating players. I look forward to seeing you at the club meeting.

Yours in the game

Kind regards

Dek Smith


Coastal Georgia Rovers 92 Blue

  1. Wyatt Egan

  2. Chris Foglia

  3. Tulio Guimaraes

  4. Nick Fielding

  5. Nikko Rittmeyer

  6. Taylor Willoughby

  7. Mack Miller

  8. Aloccer Maximo

  9. Brett Wolven

  10. Stephen Tyson

  11. Zach Diamond

  12. Ryan Salmon

  13. Yoshi Gueverra

Coastal Georgia Rovers 92 White

  1. Joshua Gay

  2. William Sadler

  3. Travis Tucker

  4. Jimmy Brawner

  5. Matthew Grooms

  6. Ryan Eleman

  7. Anderson Kemp

  8. Jennings Hughes

  9. Luke Boyd

  10. Jordan Carter


Coastal Georgia Shockers 92  Blue

  1. Mary Davis

  2. Alana Kaplan

  3. Mary Jackson

  4. Katy Guntherman

  5. Emily Strickland

  6. Stephanie Modenhauer

  7. Sydnie Van Curen

  8. Donovan Shuman

  9. Lindsey Vasher

  10. Christina Ramos

  11. Randi Freis


Coastal Georgia Rovers  91  Blue

  1. Evans Jones

  2. Chris Robinson

  3. Samuel Vernon

  4. Blake Seale

  5. Constantine Varlagas

  6. Robert Strausburg

  7. Andrew Taylor

  8. Clayton Pierson

  9. Mallery Pindar

  10. Timothy McCarthy

  11. Travis Jaudon

  12. William Prince

  13. Matthew Dearing

  14. Carson Villa

Coastal Georgia Shockers 91  Blue

  1. Kaney Balance

  2. Bronte Brannen

  3. Sonny Canady

  4. Sarah Guetherman

  5. Kathleen Herring

  6. Emma Hostetter

  7. Courtney Jenkins

  8. Grace Klein

  9. Jordon Otto

  10. Pooja Patel

  11. Ali Ramee

  12. Carey Rodriguez

  13. Blake Wasdin


Coastal Georgia Shockers 91  White

  1. Ayers,Alex

  2. Baker,Lauren

  3. Clarke,Anne

  4. Dillard, Mac

  5. Eve,Sarah

  6. Felton,Megan

  7. Janutka,Carolyn

  8. Kenreich,Katie

  9. Mayo,Maria

  10. Newkirk,Nina

  11. Westin, Alice


Coastal Georgia Rovers  92  Blue

  1. Casey Sheppard

  2. Caio Guimares

  3. Mason Love

  4. Patrick Stares

  5. Matt Conner

  6. Mike Wolverton

  7. Daniel Suthers

  8. Thomas Farray

  9. Thomas Green

  10. Tucker Compton

  11. Morgan Glynn

  12. Justin Chapman

  13. Kent Schaumbach

  14. Tyler Albritton


Coastal Georgia Shockers 92  Blue

  1. Courtney Cauley

  2. Page Childers

  3. Tracie Christianson

  4. Averil Eagle

  5. Whitney Earhardt

  6. Taylor Edgar

  7. Jessica Green

  8. Katlyn Hilliard

  9. Brennan Hussey

  10. Sarah Keen

  11. Megan Mayville

  12. Callie Monroe

  13. Carolyn Skinner

  14. Julia Stacey

  15. Catherine Su

  16. Taylor Tiger

  17. Erica Evans


U14 Girls

Coastal Georgia  Shockers 89

  1. Kimberly Nash

  2. Katie Pittman

  3. Victoria Futrell

  4. Jessica Buice

  5. Carol Williamson

  6. Fay Gibson

  7. Sarah Hoswetter

  8. Emily Sowel

  9. Courtney Squib

  10. Mallorie Morin

  11. Megan Thompson

  12. Jenna Nash

  13. Katie Green


U14 Boys

Coastal Georgia  Rovers 89

  1. Michael Vredeveld

  2. Norberto Ruiz

  3. Jacob Hurtado

  4. Wade Pugh

  5. Khris Hammock

  6. Patrick Kinsella

  7. Tyler Cota

  8. Kevin Belli

  9. Jake Carter

  10. Ethon Vernon

  11. Ethon Montesinos

  12. Skyler Coolidge

  13. Michael Sweat

  14. Peter Nagrod

David Burton, Griffin Mitchell, Ben Racz, Invited to team camp for further evaluation.


U15 Boys

Coastal Georgia  Rovers 88

  1. Josh Rich

  2. Ben Elgus

  3. Douglas Calson

  4. Thomas Eisenhart

  5. Mitchel Doud

  6. Tyler Hooks

  7. Zach Jenkins

  8. Jed Meshew

  9. Zach Samuels

  10. Zach Lorenz

  11. Troy Samuels

  12. Zach Cowart

  13. Ian Anderson

Invited to team camp: Ashe Jackson, Brett Evans, Tyler Cox, Andrew Hutchinson, Campbell Berry, Travis Cook


U15 Girls

Coastal Georgia Shockers 88

  1. Brittany Felton

  2. Archana Patel

  3. Holly Suthers

  4. Sarah Wagner

  5. Stacy Abruzzio

  6. Linsay Van Waldner

  7. Ashley Shiver

  8. Sarah Lungren

  9. Tess Wardlaw

  10. Virginia Lewis

  11. Jessica Howel

  12. Katie Ratterree

  13. Jane Hagan

  14. Betsy Burris

  15. Jessica Mullice

  16. Christa Baker

Invited to team Camp: Elizabeth Ludlow, Karla Zuckerman, Cori Van Curen.


U16 Girls

Coastal Georgia Bandits Gold:

  1. Rachel Blum

  2. Patricia Dionne

  3. Tiffany Frank

  4. Lily Futrell

  5. Alison Gay

  6. Alana Griner

  7. Elizabeth Jackson

  8. Liza Kehoe

  9. Miranda Markesteyn

  10. Theresa Anne Muller

  11. Lloyd Pember

  12. Tori Richter

  13. Stephanie Shearhouse

  14. Rebecca Timms

  15. Stephanie Yellin

Invited to team Camp: Jane McNeal, Lyndsay Kylor, Catherine McMurry, Kate Boardman


U16 Boys

Coastal Georgia Rovers 87

  1. Chris Champagne

  2. Adul Mustafa

  3. Zeke Gains

  4. William Boyd

  5. Paul Van Sherpenseel

  6. Bubba Edenfield

  7. Josh Ingram

  8. Jordan Shiver

  9. Robin Harris

  10. James Blunt

  11. Thomas Pedrick

  12. Turner Green

  13. Zach Douglas

  14. John McElwee

  15. Jacob Belli

  16. Kaley Kropp

Invited to Team Camp: Santiago Carbonell, Cairon Law,


U17 Girls:

Coastal Georgia Shockers 86

  1. Joanna Papy

  2. Carleigh Hebbard

  3. Catherine Cawley

  4. Krissy Czwkowsky

  5. Brittany McLaughlin

  6. Ryan Branch

  7. Peggy Minis

  8. Katie Kosler

  9. Kirstin Roth

  10. Samantha Britt

  11. Jordan Pegler

  12. Christine Busby

  13. Julia Drake

  14. Samantha Buice

  15. Emily Sikes

  16. Samantha Foster

Invited to team camp: Carrie Rahn, Jenna Powell, Ashley McCoy, Amanda Schwartz, Chandler Case, Sarah Mundell


U19 Girls

Coastal Georgia Shockers 85

  1. Ashley Mazo

  2. Catherine Cooper

  3. Molly Ramage

  4. Anna Jarman

  5. Betsy Tate

  6. Carolyn Cutler

  7. Jenifer Moesch

  8. Lisa Gray

  9. Camile Buckhaultz

  10. Rebbeca Adams

  11. Stekki Mazo

  12. Jordan Granger

  13. Jordan Fuqua

  14. Emily Eisenhart

  15. Rachel Sameuls


U19 Boys

CGSA 85 Rovers

  1. Jonathon McConnell

  2. Ryan Snyder

  3. Jonathon Mayo

  4. Mason Savage

  5. Chris Cantrell

  6. Mathew Cawley

  7. Nolen Mell

  8. William Masey

  9. Brian Protman

  10. Ian Lester

  11. Eric Gordan

  12. Mathew Porzio

  13. Barrett Donnelly

Invited to attend team camp:Todd Benouit, Nicholas Hatala, Zach Page, Zane Page, Chris Heery, Sidney James




Georgia Junior

Dek Smith
Director of Coaching

Peter Larvan
Select Coordinator

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your evaluation time with shin guards, water, ball and registration materials

  • Attendance is vital on the evening of the age appropriate category of the participant. Regardless of the age you are playing currently, you must be evaluated in your own age group. (Select teams are single year age increments for example U12, 13, 14�)

  • Letters written to be excused from evaluations will NOT be accepted. If you are unable to attend at your allotted time you must make arrangements with the Director of Coaching to be evaluated at another time.

  • No school or team uniforms are allowed

  • Each participant must bring a ball, shin guards and drink

  • Registration begins 30 minutes prior to your evaluation time each day. Evaluations will begin promptly at the allotted time, BE PROMPT AND OUTFITTED TO BEGIN.

  • At registration the following must be provided:

    1. A GYSA state form and City of Savannah Consent Form signed by a parent or guardian. Please download the form and bring with you to tryouts.

    2. A $3.00 non-refundable administration fee is due at tryouts.  Registration fee  of $200.00 can be paid at this time.

  • The fee includes CGSA, GYSA (state), and City fees.

  • If a player is not placed on a select team, the money will be refunded to the family or will be applied to registration on a recreational team.

  • If a player is selected for a team and chooses not to participate, the fee will not be refunded.

    • If the participant has not played for a CGSA team in the past, a photocopy of the player�s birth certificate must be provided.

  • Evaluations will not be canceled for any reason including rain. In the event of lightning, a decision will be made at the field by the Director of Coaching.


Would like to remind and emphasize to any and all players, parents and coaches in our association and community that Select Team Evaluations are OPEN to everyone!

Select teams that want to retain their current status such as Classic I & II, Premier A and above Athena D must retain half plus one of their roster from the previous playing season or replaced with players of "like ability."

Therefore, teams are not "set." New players evaluating at a higher level may replace players from the previous season�s roster.

Also, new interested players may be added as players drop off and slots have to be filled.

All participants are evaluated against each other in order that players are placed properly with others of like ability, therefore, more participants provide a larger pool to be chosen from.

Any new Athena "D" or Premier "B" team is a completely new team. All teams need players and welcome new talent to any level of play.

Please encourage your children to participate in evaluations.

Recreation Coaches should encourage any potential select player from his team to participate in evaluations as well.

We would like to invite and encourage parents who may have some reservations in their child participating in the Select Program or commitment to a team in the program such as travel to call our Director of Coaching or Select Coordinator to answer any questions you may have.