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U-10 Boys National League Recreation Schedules

U-12 Boys American League Recreation Schedules

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Our Recreation Soccer program offers programs for players ages 5 to 19 years.

The Under-6's, Under-8's and Under-10 boys/coed leagues are "in-house," meaning all games are in Savannah. To improve the quality and competitiveness of all other age groups, U-10 girls and U-12's through U-16's participate in a regional scheduling format. The region includes CGSA as well as teams from the district/regional clubs from Effingham, Hilton Head S.C., Hilton Head United, Jesup, KingsBay and Richmond Hill. Games are home and home with the regional participants. Of the other teams in our district, recreational teams from Hinesville and Statesboro currently play "in-house" only, teams from Waycross play in a south-central Georgia league, and teams from Golden Isles and Camden County participate in the North Florida league. Regional clubs predominantly play in-house with U-10 boys/coed and all U-8's and younger.


With 100 recreational teams, CGSA has the largest recreational soccer program in the district as well as in Savannah. With the participation of the regional organizations, we provide a recreational program that can serve our youth essentially through high school. Of CGSA's over 1,200 registered players, approximately 83% participate in the recreational program.

CGSA is actively involved with the City of Savannah (fall league) and Chatham County (spring league) in facilitating the recreational soccer program for our Georgia district. CGSA recreational teams are not handpicked, but instead are grouped by age to learn, develop and train for the shear enjoyment of the game or as a springboard to participate in CGSA's select soccer program.


CGSA distinguishes itself by providing Savannah's youth with the opportunity to either  use the recreational program as a springboard to participate in CGSA's select program or, depending on the desires of the child/parents, continue to build skills and enjoy the sport in the recreational format through high school.


Maps & Directions for Fields

All other forms and prices are on our Documents page


Micro Soccer Information


CGSA will divide the 18 or so U-6/Micro teams into two divisions. One division will have the second season and older teams. The other division will have first season, younger and girl teams. Each team will have 5 or 6 players with six being a maximum. We set the maximum at six so as to ensure 50% playing time for all players. The U-8 Program is divided into two divisions, boys & girls. Each team will have a maximum of eight (8) players on their roster.



The cost for the season will be $95 for age U6 and U8 which covers Georgia Soccer, CGSA registration and a uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts, socks and a training t-shirt.


The Fall season will start around the second weekend in September and will run for approximately 8-9 weeks. The Spring season will normally start around the second week-end in March and will run about 8-9 weeks. During each season there is the possibility of a bye week-end for each team.


All games will be played at the Guy Minick Field in the fall and at the Chatham County Soccer Complex on Sallie Mood Drive in the spring. More specifically on field #8. All teams playing two games per day, each game will be 25 minutes with breaks taken as needed. There will Be a 5 minute break between the first and second game. The U-8 teams will start their games as per their posted schedule. 


Each team will have a volunteer coach and team manager. CGSA will be providing training sessions at several sites across the city for the teams. More information on these training sessions will be provided later.


Most Micro teams practice once per week at a time and location most convenient for the team. Gary Wright, CGSA's Director of Coaching is available to help the coach with his or her training sessions. Just call the CGSA office, 691-2472 and ask for Gary.

Uniforms and Equipment:

Uniforms will be included in the cost of registration. Every player must wear Shinguards during all practices and games. Micro players use size 3 soccer balls and should bring one to practice.

Contact Numbers

:Director of Coaching – Gary Wright
Office 691-2472

Administrative Director – Stacy Bergsmith
Office 691-2472

CGSA:   U-6 Coordinator– Alan Sheppard Cell 604-6814

U-8 Coordinator - Cam Turner Cell 658-7491

Chatham County Rain Line – 652-6790

CGSA Rain Line – 691-1033

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