2013 Academy/Select Try-outs


Academy/Select Soccer Tryouts 2013:


The players will attend a three day tryout camp. Each day’s session will last 1 ½ hours. The sessions will be overseen by CGSA coaching staff. Gary Wright(Executive Club Director), and the CGSA Academy Director) and the try-out evaluation staff will do the player evaluations. All players will have a written evaluation that will be available to the player upon request. The individual team coaches will provide player performance input to the evaluators and the evaluators will consult with the coaches on player assignments but the final decision will be made by the Executive Club Director. The players will play small side games 3v3 up to 6v6. The cost for the try-outs is $35. 

Jennifer Ross Chatham County Soccer Complex

U/9, U/10, U11, U/12 & U/13 Boys and Girls

May 28th, May 29th & May 30th  

6.00 - 7.30pm


U/14 through U/19 Boys and Girls
June 4th, June 5th & June 6th 
5.00 - 6.30pm (Girls)                                         

7.00 - 8.30pm (Boys)



Team Postings:
U/9,U-10, U11, U/12 and U-13 – By June 5th (For U/9 - U/13 age groups all players will be notified with an email/personel phone call).

U-14 and Up – By June 12th
The teams will be posted on the CGSA website by the dates listed.

Signing Date :
U-9 Thru U-13 – June TBA
U-14 Thru U/19 – June TBA

The team managers, in liaison with the CGSA office staff, will be responsible for making sure all players on the team are registered, have completed all paperwork and have paid all registration fees.

There will be a $35 fee per player for tryouts and/or evaluations.  This can be paid to the CGSA office prior to tryouts or collected on-site before the first session. All funds will go to covering the administrative cost of the tryouts and any left over funds will go to the CGSA Coaching Development Budget.

Schedule Conflict:

Try-outs for Fall 2013 will have mandatory attendance. All players will be required to attend try-outs unless arrangements have been made by May 15th, with the Southern Soccer Academy of Coastal Georgia Executive Club Director. Only players with extenuating circumstances will be accomodated (i.e. injury, sickness or family emergency). Try-outs for a academy/select team are very important. Please do not schedule a summer camp or vacation during this time as it will not be deemed an extenuating circumstance. A player risks not making the team by not attending the try-outs.

U/13 and above Fall 2013:

All players who played up an age group in the fall 2012 season will be eligible to try out for the same team in the fall 2013 tryouts. However, it is also very important that these players try out for their age appropriate group at some point during the tryout week to ensure their opportunity to make that team if they do not make the older age group. There are always opportunities for individual player improvement as well as new players attending the tryouts each summer.  Evaluations will be objective in nature and are going to be done by assessing/comparing each player’s level of play with both the anticipated team Classic/Athena level and the other participants in the tryout process. If a player does not make the older age team during the tryouts and the evaluators have not also had an opportunity to see that players’ ability level compared with the age appropriate group, there is no guarantee that they will be placed on the age appropriate squad.


U/9 through U/12:

Any player that played up in age (Gold team level) during the fall 2012 or the spring 2013 will be eligible to try-out for the age group that they played on during the previous season. However this will be at the discretion of the Executive Club Director (Gary Wright) and the Academy Coordinator. All decesions will be made with the the best interest of the individual players soccer development .