Fall 2012 U/14 - U/19 Select Team List Posting's

Boys U/14 - U/19 Select Teams                      Girls U/14 - U/19 Select Teams

U/14 Rovers                                                        U/14 Shockers

U/15 Rovers Blue                                                U/16 Shockers Blue 

U/15 Rovers White                                             U/16 Shockers White

U/16 Rovers                                                        U/17 Shockers 

U/17 Rovers Blue                                                U/19 Showcase Tournament Team

U/17 Rovers White

U/19 Rovers


For all players that have made the respective teams, registration is now open. Please click on the link below, sign in and follow the instructions. For new players please create a user name/log in and complete the registration process. For any registration questions please call the Coastal Georgia office at 912-691-2472.