Brian Okumu, the Academy Director of CGSA, contacted Joseph Benjamin about the "Haiti Designated Fund" after hearing about the unimproving conditions for families in Haiti.  The aftermath of the severe earthquakes that hit Haiti last January are still being felt by the people who live there.  Many families are living on soccer fields in tents.  Joseph Benjamin, from Brunswick Georgia was born in Haiti and now is making trips back to Haiti with donations.  

CGSA donated soccer balls, clothing, shoes, socks, cleats, and shin guards to the "Haiti Designated Fund". Brian partnered with Specialty Sports on donating clothing and equipment. Specialty Sports agreed to help and made a generous donation as well.  Some of the items donated were brought in from the Academy Festival which Brian Okumu held in May to help underprivelaged children have the opportunity to play soccer. Because of the overwhelming generosity from parents and staff  inside the organization, we had enough donations from the Academy Festival to help local players and international ones as well. Other items were given by Executive Director Gary Wright and Board President Mike Wakely including two large boxes of new tee shirts.  

Joseph Benjamin was estatic about the donation.  "The children will be so happy when they get clean clothes and a soccer ball. It will mean the world to them. Most of them have nothing.  Thank you all for giving so much to them."  It was a wonderful feeling for the staff at CGSA to be able to help Mr. Benjamin load up his car with the donations.  Before he got in the car he shook our hands and said "I can’t wait to see the children smile."