GYSA recommends that participation awards be given to U-10 and below teams registered in tournaments. However it is GYSA policy that it is left up to the individual associations hosting the tournaments to determine at what age groups trophies are given. Tournament Team Classification Descriptions
S1 generally a team which competes at the highest level of play in a state or region.
S2 generally a team which competes at less than the highest level of play in a state or region.
S3 generally a team which competes in a local area or state
S4 TOURNAMENT SELECT TEAMS a team which is put together for the sole purpose of playing in a tournament or other sanctioned non-league competition, whose roster includes select players who are members of one club
RT RECREATIONAL TEAMS a team which was formed in a random nature without regard to players' abilities.
ODP TEAM US YOUTH SOCCER OLYMPIC DEVELOPMENT the official US Youth Soccer Olympic Development team of US Youth Soccer, any of its regions, a State Association, an Affiliate, other Organization Member, or any district or geographical subdivisions thereof, or any league.
NATIONAL TEAM the official national team of US Soccer or any other member of FIFA.
OTHER if it does not fit any of the above definitions, a hosting organization may provide additional definitions and descriptions