Just Let'em Play
CGSA will announce when the program will start up again

WHEN:  New schedule to be announced



Its Free!!!!!!!!!


(1) The game is the teacher.

Players will learn to play all on their own. By design, no formal coaching will be offered; in fact, it is discouraged.

(2) The game is for kids.

This program is offered to let children play and they don’t need adults to do that. Adult involvement will be minimal and will focus on safety -- keeping the players from wandering into the street, consoling players who might need it on occasion, policing overly-aggressive behavior, etc.

(3) The structure is informal.

Beyond setting up some goals, laying out some cones, and handing out some practice jersies, no formal organization will be done. No teams will be formed in advance; they will be created at random each week.


No planned periods of play are defined. If the players decide that a water break is necessary, it should be taken. The break times should be kept short (1-2 minutes, at most). Don’t forget to bring a water bottle! 

Shinpads, cleats are required shorts and a t-shirt are probably best.

I hope that you will help us make this a fun program for your child! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. If you have feedback to improve the program, pass it along. E-mail is a good way to communicate. See you on the field!

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