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User-Friendly, HELPFUL College Search Related Websites!

There are so many websites related to the college search out there it can sometimes serve to further confuse the search process.  While many are useful resources, it is important to understand their purpose as a reference tool.  They can help to supplement a guided college search, but should never replace the role of a trained college counselor.  The following list of resources are sites I find helpful and often use with students throughout their search.


The Georgia Career Information Center, or GCIS,  is one of the most comprehensive references available to Georgia students.  Get your individual High School’s user name and password and use this site for interest inventories, college, and scholarship searches.  This sight can work with students starting as early as Middle School and if used correctly can be one of the most helpful tools.  Speak with your High School Counselor or me for some guidance in navigating this complex but valuable resource.


Georgia College 411 is sponsored by the Georgia Student Finance Commission and is the best site for information on Financial Aid and HOPE for students looking to attend a Georgia School. 


The National Association for College Admissions Counseling’s website has a section dedicated to students and their families that contains the most up-to-date national information on issues pertaining to the college search.  A complete listing of NACAC approved references, national college fairs, articles/commentary on the issues making news in Higher Education, and a PDF copy of Student’s Rights and Responsiblities (the nationally recognized ethical guidline for your college search).  A must see!!


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the online resource for any and all financial aid information as well as the location to submit your federal financial aid application. 


SAT registration, information, and college search information.


ACT registration, information, and college search information.


Quick, general, national search for schools based on simple criteria.  Offers direct links to the websites of your search results.  This is good for fast results that will get you thinking!


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