College Soccer Email Inquiry



Step One: Look at the website for the schools you are interested in.  Many schools have prospective recruit questionnaires that you need to fill out first, in conjunction with sending an email to the coach.  For schools that list an assistant, you should also CC them on your email.

Step Two: Your email can read like this:


 Hello, my name is (INSERT NAME).  I’m currently a (INSERT GRADE) at ( INSERT SCHOOL ) and am interested in your (INSERT SPORT) program.  My High School coach (INSERT HS COACH’S NAME, CGSA COACH, OR CGSA COLLEGE COUNSELOR) has encouraged me to start my college search by recommending your school to me. I am a (POSITION) for my high school and (ADD CGSA CLUB PARTICIPATION AND POSITIONS).  I am (BLANK) tall and (BLANK) pounds.  In addition to (SPORT YOU ARE INQUIREING ABOUT) I am also involved in (INSERT ADDITIONAL SPORTS).  Coach (NAME) would be happy to give you a further scouting report on my abilities.  His/her email address is (INSERT), or he can be reached at the High School (OR THROUGH CGSA) at (INSERT PHONE NUMBER).  


I would very much appreciate any further information on both your school and your (INSERT SPORT) program, as well as any visit/try-out dates.  I can be reached by email at *****@*****.com or at (555)555-5555.  I am including a high school schedule (OR CGSA SCHEDULE) if you’d like to come to any games this fall/winter/spring. 


Thank you for your time,


 *If there is a particular program of study or aspect of the school you are interested in you want to mention that as well.  This shows how interested you may be in the school as well as the team, making you an even better candidate.

Anne E. Weisel, College Counselor, CGSA

[email protected] /912.856.1866




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